• A little more about acorn & frances rose

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    Frances Rose

    Worker-Owner & Cook

    Frances Rose grew, in part, out of an extended Sicilian family that shared a large basement kitchen under a 4-family duplex in Brooklyn. She learned soon after leaving faer earliest nest, that in order to continue to eat well, she would have to learn to cook. Meanwhile, her eyes & mind grew sharper to the ways of the world, as her heart cracked open.


    She traded her career path in architecture for a life with plants & in gardens. Her design mind however still grew, and exploded into a passion for regeneration, and the practice of a living systems architecture. All the while, she cooked -- and cooked -- sharing the boundless joys of dining righteously around a faemily table with anyone assembled. She dabbled in catering, pop-up cafés, and personal chef’ing, but her leading passions remained cooking for a faemily table.


    Yet, it was Rose’s Home-coming seven years ago into a queer faemily house in West Philadelphia that allowed her to truly blossom. On the heels of her arrival, she found still more magical & connected communities with whom to grow & share her love of food & togetherness. One of them, the Reclaiming Witch Community led her to the mate of her dreams, Acorn. They delight in cooking & hosting together, and co-creating ever more deeply the more beautiful world their hearts tell them is possible -- one they taste every time they share a table.

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    Worker-Owner, Cook, Baker,

    Administrix Extraordinaire

    Acorn is a magical, queer tranimal. They were so thrilled to find a cooking mentor, business partner, and, most importantly, an incredible mate in Frances Rose. Acorn has always taken great comfort and delight in food. Their journey has carried them from a childhood of self-chosen vegetarianism, to veganism, and now to a world of well-sourced, local animal products (which accompany a rich diet of farm & garden grown produce). They have cooked extensively in their Home kitchens, as well as for large gatherings of people (50-150) at Faerie Camp Destiny (a queer, magical, intentional community in Vermont). Acorn approaches cooking with a playful spirit, a sense of the sacred, and a hunger to grow their own practices.


    Along with a love of food, Acorn brings a deep history with social justice work and community building, especially with queer & trans people (including work with the LGBT Youth Line & Project Acorn, both based in Canada). It is one of their deepest passions to see communities thriving, and joining together around a family table. Their devotional relationship with food is also fed by their Earth-centred spirituality (here much thanks is owed to the Vermont Witch Camp community, and to inspirational cook Mary Stewart). Acorn works humbly on the shoulders of witches, queers, radical faeries, farmers, permaculturists, activists, & food-lovers everywhere who have made fertile ground for the seeds of K is for Kitchen.