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    Your soul is embodied - feed it!

    At K is for Kitchen, we bring so much more than amazing food to your table. We bring a deep-seated respect for all living beings. Together, we transform the fruits of the Earth into nourishment on our plates. This way of seeing whole systems of food leads to an ethic of sourcing ingredients from local & organic farmers, neighborhood gardens, and small businesses as much as possible. We share these with you & yours, served with our own hospitality, warmth, and excitement to share whatever you need to eat beautifully at Home. We share both the deeper stories of the cuisines & foods you love -- as well as practical solutions that help you & yours heal this world.


    We serve all people looking for high quality, ethically-sourced, vital foods. We are especially well-suited to offer services to queer & trans folks, magical communities, activists, and people with special diets. Moreover, we delight seekers of exquisite food experiences, and those who wish to develop more healthful eating patterns.


    Whether you want hands-on learning in a collaborative cooking environment, an educational eating experience with friends, a better Home-practice of holistic health & nutrition, or simply to enjoy righteous, ready-made food, worry-free, K is for Kitchen would be delighted to help!

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    Food for Workshops & Events

    We provide the nourishment, so you can focus on your celebration or event!

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    We will provide an estimate & custom menu based on your needs

    Acorn & Frances Rose of K is for Kitchen also offer conflict transformation services, via Garden Gate Conflict Transformation!

    We host conflict transformation circles for anyone seeking a gently facilitated, multi-partial, trauma-informed conversation space in which to address conflict.


    We delight in serving delicious, beautifully-sourced, low-allergen meals & snacks at workshops & events. Our offerings allow your participants/guests to connect with one another over great food, to feel nourished and refreshed, and to keep their energy in the container created (rather than scattering to eat at other venues). You are supported in focusing on your work, while we take care of the food.

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    Holistic Diet Consultation, Pantry Analysis, Custom Diet Guides

    Sliding scale $0-199

    No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds for your first consult

    For You or Your Household, in Person or Digitally

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    We offer a holistic, body-&-life-as-ecosystem lens to diet & wellness -- seated firmly within a global context. We nourish existing drives to eat & live well -- drives to do well for self & planet. These consultations are rooted in healthy, living food systems. Meanwhile, we offer share-able, practical skill-sets for establishing healthy eating & living patterns inside of hectic or busy lives, without compromising enjoyment. This service is available for both individuals and whole households.


    If you are interested in this service, contact us, or complete this form to begin. We'll then schedule a 30-60 minute session in which we offer you customized diet support and written recommendations & recipes. The cost of your first consultation is $0-199, sliding scale, with a NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds) promise.


    Pantry analyses & custom diet guides constitute more in-depth support & add-on services. To see what a customized diet guide with menu plans, recipes, shopping lists, and more can look like, check out our free FODMAP adventure guide, which we made for two friends who were going on a very restrictive elimination diet (psst .. it's full of delicious recipes!).


    We also invite you to check out The Craft of Pantry-Stocking -- a resource we created with the basic success patterns of stocking an awesome pantry that serves your body, your budget, your values, & this Earth.

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    Personal Chef - Meals for your Week, or a Festive Meal at Home

    Approximately $200-400 per cook session (+ ingredients)

    Prepared at Your Home -- Cost varies by menu & amount of food desired.

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    We work with clients who desire a refrigerator full of delicious, righteous food for the week, that’s prepared in your home kitchen. We also delightedly offer you the lovely experience of sitting down to an exquisite meal with loved ones in your home, eating exactly what you’d like, without cooking or cleaning up. We can help you design the perfect menu(s) for the occasion, will then do all the cooking in your kitchen, serve the meal to you and your company, and happily do all the pot-scrubbing as well.


    The cost will likely be approximately $200-400 per session, plus the cost of ingredients. If this seems like it is more than you want to/are able to spend, please visit our Community Supported Kitchen menu to order delicious prepared foods at a sliding scale rate.

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    Ancestral Foodways Consultation

    Sliding scale $44-144

    Connect with your Peoples - & Places - through Food & more!

    In Person or Digital ~ Complete this Form to Begin!


    * An Offering of Solidarity & Repair :: this service is available for free to African Americans & Indigenous People *


    We can help you connect to the foods & ancestral practices of your peoples. While our knowledge is by no means comprehensive, it travels like roots, deep underground, returning nutrients & medicine from vast worlds unseen. Plus, we are total nerds about this stuff, learning deeply, through passion, research, and applied, delicious practice the pattern approaches of peoples to food - and the ecosystems from which they come, the world over. We offer deep attention to the complex patterns of all manner of biological migrations across time & space.


    Moreover, our approach remains grounded, and interwoven, with an unwavering attention to the needs of this world now, and the importance of regenerating Home ecologies far, wide, and near.


    If you are interested in this service, contact us or complete this form to begin. We'll then schedule a 30-60 minute session in which we offer you the fruits of our own research & practice with the food ways of your ancestors, as well as typed recommendations, recipes, and reference source material with which you may explore further. We can also together explore options for continued deepening of the journey -- for example, an ancestral food guide, a cooking lesson, educational dinner party, or Brunch with the Ancestors (see details in next section of services).

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    Recipe Development & Custom Food Goods

    Approximately $50-200

    Cost varies by amount of research required, ingredients, & quantity.

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    We craft customized recipes & food goods for your personal use or for your food business. Do you need to learn how to make your favorite recipe gluten-free (or vegan or cane sugar-free or ...)? Are your customers clamoring for an all-natural, ethically-sourced version of your food product? Want to replace a highly processed ingredient containing unnecessary additives with a flavorful, fresh, & lovingly made creation? We would love to help!

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    Central Vermont Community Supported Kitchen Subscription Menu

    Delicious prepared foods on a sliding-scale!

    Now with a No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds section!

    View details and subscribe here!

    The Community Supported Kitchen is a project of the Cultural Engine, and the seed from which K is for Kitchen fruited.

    The CSK offers a variety of low-no cost food services, including ::

    a subscription menu of prepared foods & pantry staples that are designed to add depth, zest, and serious nourishment to your day-to-day food world.

    See the CSK's subscription registration form and vermontCSK.mystringly.com to learn more, or contact us at vermontCSK@gmail.com!

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    And if the main course you really need is Conflict Transformation ... 

    Sliding scale prices based on number of participants, starting at $125

    Visit our Garden Gate Conflict Transformation website!

    Acorn & Frances Rose of K is for Kitchen also offer conflict transformation services, via Garden Gate Conflict Transformation!

    We host conflict transformation circles for anyone seeking a gently facilitated, multi-partial, trauma-informed conversation space in which to address conflict.



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    Educational Dinner Parties

    Approximately $300-600

    (cost varies by menu, distance of travel, & size of group)

    Hosted at Your Home

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    We offer food & educational services to people who desire delicious & enlivening evenings at home with friends. To your gathered friends group, we bring the ingredients & wisdom to help you all prepare a wonderful meal together! All guests enjoy whatever level of participation they desire, as we co-create a delicious food-culture together. Elementally, we share the skills & knowledge required to make amazing meals at Home to almost any theme -- and add cultural lore & botanic wisdom along the way. The meal can then be enjoyed with or without us. Depending on the menu, cooking will take between 2 & 4 hours and dinner at least an hour.

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    Cooking Instruction

    Approximately $150-500 (+ ingredients)

    (cost varies by menu, distance of travel, & size of group)

    Prepared at Your Home

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    We offer many styles of cooking instruction that cater to cooks of all experience levels & interests. We happily offer personalized instruction to you and your family/friends. Some of the many themes we have taught in the past include: Local & Seasonal Cooking; How to Eat Well & Heal the Planet (Basic Home Nutrition On the Cheap); Creative Use of Whatever’s Around; Basic Knife Skills & Sharpening; Baking with Sourdough; and a *peasant foods lens* (spicy, robust, simple & delicious) on the cuisines of our ancestors (Mediterranean and Northwestern European) and/or your ancestors (if we seem like we may be fitting teachers for you, we would love to help you connect to your ancestral cuisines. We already have experience cooking many world cuisines, and love to learn more).

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    Our fee rate is a sliding scale, adjusted for length & setting, and often between $100-600, and may include a light snack.

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    We specialize in events that foment cultural & paradigm shifts approaching food, diet, and life on Earth today.

    We offer a selection of workshops to choose from, including Eat Well & Heal the Planet: Basic Home Nutrition on the Cheap, Connecting to Ancestry through Food & Ecology, Introduction to Life Design, Regenerative Culture Jams, and more!

    All workshops feature fun group activities that get minds & mouths moving about food, eating, health, and culture.

    We delve into food's interconnected relationship to our individual & collective health, as well as that of the planet.


    We hope to plant the seeds of a more resilient world by sharing the skills & knowledge required to experience union with place & time, while investing in ecosystems that deeply nourish any place we call Home.

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    Speaking Engagements

    Approximately $100-500 (with sliding scale option)

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    We raise consciousness around food, diet, regenerative food culture, reconnection with ancestral foodways, and healing the planet through conscious eating. We would love to share this living wisdom with your organization or event, to offer stories, and some mouth-watering food-for-thought on these topics.

  • goals & intentions

    From whence flow our work with food

  • We connect people with a passion for Life through delicious, ethically-sourced food experiences.

    We work for liberation for all beings in the realms of food & culture.

    We endeavor to uplift the inherent sacredness of food, eating together, and Earth-based cuisines (and their connected cultures) the world over.

    We share common forms of connection through food the world-over and across time -- distilling success patterns around nourishment and taste -- to address the trauma & pain of separation felt in the modern world.

    We attempt to bridge & (re)weave world wisdom-traditions, by helping to bolster & share vital, contemporary foodways that illuminate collective paths forward through late-stage capitalism & the compounding crises of eco-social collapse.

    We leverage privilege to collective advantage.

    We ground our food practices in the intimate study of our own ancestral traditions.

    We help folks to remove perceived obstacles around their diets, and to grow the vitality of their personal foodways, offering wisdom & knowledge rooted in our own diverse home food practices.

    We encourage & hold space for conversations about the connections between food, identity, justice, and resilience.

    We illuminate pathways for anyone to connect with personally and/or ancestrally significant foodways in ways that are mindful of the nuances of ethical sourcing practices in current local & global contexts.

    We help many people to experience tastes of Home, providing fa(e)miliar, comfortable, and delicious spaces.

    We support people in connecting to foods that are nourishing, safe, healthful, & digestible for their bodies, endeavoring to cook for any dietary need/choice/allergy.

    We make our offerings financially accessible and cultivate regenerative economies.

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