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    Your soul is embodied - feed it!

    At K is for Kitchen, we bring so much more than amazing food to your table. We bring a deep-seated respect for all the living beings (people, plants, animals, & more) who help the fruits of the Earth transform into nourishment on your plate. This way of seeing food systems leads us to sourcing ingredients from local organic farmers, local gardens, and small businesses as much as possible. These ingredients then come to you and your loved ones, paired with our own hospitality, warmth, and excitement to share the skills you need to eat beautifully at Home. We offer the deeper stories of the cuisines and foods you love, and help you find both a greater understanding of the larger social & ecological problems of industrial food systems and practical solutions that allow you & yours to transcend them.


    We serve all people looking for high quality, ethically-sourced, vital foods. We are especially well-suited to offer services to queer folks, trans folks, and all magical communities -- as well as activists, people with special diets, and anyone concerned with ethical food systems. Moreover, we delight seekers of exquisite food experiences, those who wish to develop more healthful eating patterns, and all others hungry for what we bring to the table.


    Whether you want hands-on learning in a collaborative cooking environment, a better understanding of holistic health & nutrition, an educational eating experience with friends, or to simply enjoy righteous, ready-made food worry-free, K is for Kitchen can help.

    K is for Kitchen is a worker-owned cooperative!


    This means that K is for Kitchen is owned by the people who do the work of the business. Each worker-owner contributes to the company in various ways (labor hours, in-kind donations, financial investment, etc.) and directly participates in governance. We chose to become a worker-owned cooperative because we believe that our company is stronger when all involved are deeply invested in our shared work.


    More on worker-owned cooperatives from the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives:

    "Worker cooperatives tend to create long-term stable jobs, have sustainable business practices, and be connected and accountable to their community. In a worker cooperative, workers own their jobs and thus have not only a direct stake in the local environment but the power to decide to do business in a way that creates community benefit rather than destroying it. Not everyone who works in a worker cooperative is an experienced businessperson, but not everyone needs to be; the power of the group comes from each individual’s contribution, skills, passions, and expertise."

    Contact us!

    You can reach K is for Kitchen at:




    We are based in Chingsessing, Lenapehoking -- the name given by the Lenni Lenape peoples to the area now covered by our neighborhood (meaning ‘place where there is a meadow’). This place is also called Kingsessing, Southwest Philadelphia.


    You can also follow us on Instagram.


    You will soon hear back from Frances Rose or Acorn!

  • Meet k is for kitchen around our *faemily table*

    We invite anyone curious (or already excited!) about our food & our approach, to share together a vibrant nightlife around a delicious table of beautifully-sourced food, and conversation that matters.

    Keep up to date about upcoming *faemily table* dinners

    This is a mailing list that will never be used for ANYTHING besides letting you know when our Faemily Table events are scheduled, and if they need to be cancelled for any reason.

    How it works

    We open our dinner table to anyone who arrives -- by reservation -- to join us for dinner in our Home. Our goal is to share with you the exquisite food experiences that are already seamlessly interwoven in our lives as we cook a delicious, nourishing meal for ourselves & our guests. Moreover, we wish to offer you an opportunity to get to know us, and the energy we bring to a community food system. All arrive to a diverse table of mixed faemily, good conversation, and to enjoy a sublime peasant dinner together.

    Your Investment

    We request a sliding-scale donation from each guest of $13-39, to cover the cost of the ingredients and to support our work in the world.

    Our intention is to spend two Faemily Table dinners exploring foods​ & cultures​ ​from ​each region marked with a star. In scope & intention -- these meals are very much love letters to these places, and to the peoples, cultures, and ecosystems that have made them the marvels they are.

    Why do we call it our *Fae*Mily Table?

    Why faemily and not family? To us, faemily means not just our family of origin, but also our Faerie family, and all the beautiful folk in the intersecting webs of communities that we weave. It suggests the radical idea that whomever you are & whatever your expression, you are welcome at our table. So, Welcome Home! & Good eating to you.


    Customizable services that fill your belly and leave you with a happy heart. <3 

    Holistic Diet Consultation & Pantry Analysis

    We offer a holistic body-as-ecosystem lens to diet & wellness, especially to those interested in a bigger picture understanding of themselves & the world. We nourish existing drives to live & eat well -- and to do well for ourselves, as we do well for the planet. We root our consultations in deep a understanding & awareness of both healthy, living ecosystems, as well as the food system from which most of our food is sourced. Meanwhile, we carry a share-able, practical skill-set that is capable of establishing healthy eating & living patterns inside of hectic or busy lives, without compromising enjoyment.


    If you are interested in this service, contact us or complete this form to begin. We'll then schedule a 30-60 minute session in which we offer you customized diet support and typed recommendations & recipes. We can also explore together options for more in-depth support - for example, we can make you a customized diet guide with menu plans, recipes, shopping lists, and more. To see what this can look like, check out our free FODMAP adventure guide, which we made for two friends who were going on a very restrictive elimination diet (psst .. it's full of delicious recipes!).

    Educational Dinner Parties

    We offer food & educational services to people who desire delicious & enlivening evenings at home with friends.  To your gathered friends group, we bring the ingredients & wisdom to help you all prepare a wonderful meal together!  All guests enjoy whatever level of participation they desire, as we co-create a culture of food-enjoyment together.  Elementally, we share the skills & knowledge required to make amazing meals at Home to any theme -- and add cultural lore & botanic wisdom along the way.  The meal can then be enjoyed with or without us.

    Personal Chef  -  Meals for your week

    We work with clients who desire a refrigerator full of delicious & righteous food for the week that’s prepared in your home kitchen. We can time our arrival with a fresh CSA (community supported agriculture) box of produce/mushrooms/etc. and prepare it all that day, alongside some of our favorite pantry staples. We leave you with delicious meals to enjoy for the week, as well as some extra treats to enliven whatever else you may be cooking.

    Personal Chef  - Festive Meal at Home

    We can offer you the lovely experience of sitting down to a meal with loved ones at home, eating exactly what you’d like, and not having to worry at all about cooking or cleaning. We can help you design the perfect menu, and will then do all the cooking in your kitchen, serve the meal to you and your company, and happily do all the pot-scrubbing as well.

    Ancestral Foodways Consultation

    We can help you connect to the foods & ancestral practices of your peoples. While our knowledge is by no means comprehensive, it travels like roots, deep underground, returning nutrients & medicine from vast worlds unseen. Plus, we are total nerds about this stuff, learning deeply, through passion, research, and applied, delicious practice the pattern approaches of peoples to food & land the world over -- with attention to the complex patterns of all manner of biological migrations across time. And ultimately, this remains interwoven with an unwavering attention to the needs of this world now, and the importance of regenerating Home ecologies locally, wherever we are.

    (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

    Cooking Instruction & Workshops

    We offer many styles of cooking instruction that cater to cooks of all experience levels & interests. We happily offer personalized instruction to you and your family/friends. Some of the many themes we have taught in the past include: Local & Seasonal Cooking; How to Eat Well & Heal the Planet (Basic Home Nutrition On the Cheap); Creative Use of Whatever’s Around; Basic Knife Skills & Sharpening; Baking with Sourdough; and a *peasant foods lens* (spicy, robust, simple & delicious) on many cuisines of the world (Mediterranean, Indian, Latin, Italian, Arab, Eritrean/Ethiopian, Japanese, Chinese, & more).

    Recipe Development & Custom Food Goods

    We craft customized recipes & food goods for your personal use or for your food business. Do you need to learn how to make your favorite recipe gluten free (or vegan or cane sugar-free or ...) ? Are your customers clamoring for an all-natural, ethically-sourced version of your food product? Want to replace a highly processed ingredient containing unnecessary additives with a flavorful, fresh, & lovingly made creation? We would love to help!

    Food for Workshops & Events

    We delight in serving delicious, beautifully-sourced, low-allergen meals & snacks at workshops & events. Our offerings allow your participants to connect with one another over great food, to feel nourished and refreshed, and to keep their energy in the container created (rather than scattering to eat at other venues). You are supported in focusing on your work, while we take care of the food.


    Psst ... and we're honored to now be included in the 2018 Philadelphia Good Food Caterer Guide (put together by the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council)!

    Speaking Engagements

    We raise consciousness around food, diet, regenerative food culture, and healing the planet through conscious eating. We would love to land into your organization or event to offer story & wisdom on these topics.

    And if the main course you really need is Conflict Transformation ...

    That's right, K is for Kitchen offers conflict transformation services! We vision & practice a world in which conflict is approached as an opportunity for personal & collective growth & healing. We have the most training and experience with a methodology called Restorative Circles, a system based deeply on the power of reflective listening (a tool for deepening mutual understanding, de-escalating tension, & feeling heard), and can also tailor our offering to suit your (and/or your community's) needs. And because it's us, we would be delighted to provide food for the conflict transformation circle itself - it's awfully hard to resolve anything on an empty stomach, & sharing food can be an important practice of togetherness in difficult times.

    (Photo credit: phys.org)

    West Philly's Community Supported Kitchen

    If you are excited about what we do, but are working with a tight budget (or are simply curious about our community work!), check out the Community Supported Kitchen (offered by West Philly's Cultural Engine). The CSK is the original project from which K is for Kitchen grew, and it offers a variety of donation-based services. See culturalengine.strikingly.com, the CSK’s subscription survey, the CSK Facebook group, or get in touch via culturalengine@gmail.com for more details & to join our email list.

    Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Curious about pricing? Get in touch!

    Our business is young, and you get to help us grow in all the right directions. We are flexible, and will do our best to craft a customized service that meets your needs and fills your belly. Together we can design great food into your life on your budget. Contact us at Eat@KisforKitchen.com to work it out!

  • Our food realm: Illustrated

    Food donations are the sunshine in this ecosystem, while apprentices nourish the soil with their brilliant service. From the soils of sacred food-ways, we grow a tree rich with offerings.

  • K is for kitchen supports mariposa food co-op owners!

    All Mariposa Food Co-op owners receive 20% off their first festive meal at home or educational dinner party!

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  • A little more about acorn & frances rose

    Frances Rose

    Frances Rose grew, in part, out of an extended Sicilian family that shared a large basement kitchen under a 4-family duplex in Brooklyn. She learned soon after leaving her earliest nest, that in order to continue to eat well, she would have to learn to cook. Meanwhile, her eyes & mind grew sharper to the ways of the world, as her heart cracked open.


    She traded her career path in architecture for a life with plants & in gardens. Her design mind however still grew, and exploded into a passion for regeneration, and the practice of a living systems architecture. All the while, she cooked -- and cooked -- sharing the boundless joys of dining righteously around a faemily table with anyone assembled. She dabbled in catering, pop-up cafés, and personal chef’ing, but her leading passions remained cooking for a faemily table.


    Yet, it was Rose’s Home-coming four years ago into a Radical Faerie house in West Philadelphia that allowed her to truly blossom. On the heels of her arrival, she found still more magical & connected communities with whom to grow & share her love of food & togetherness. One of them, the Reclaiming Witch Community led her to the mate of her dreams, Acorn. They delight in cooking & hosting together, and co-creating ever more deeply the more beautiful world their hearts tell them is possible -- one they taste every time they share a table.


    Acorn is a magical, queer tranimal who came of age in Toronto and is now putting down roots in Philadelphia. They were so thrilled to find a cooking mentor, business partner, and, most importantly, an incredible mate in Frances Rose. Acorn has always taken great comfort and delight in food. Their journey has carried them from a childhood of self-chosen vegetarianism, to veganism, and now to a world of well-sourced, local animal products (which accompany a rich diet of farm & garden grown produce). They have cooked extensively in their Home kitchens, as well as for large gatherings of people (50-150) at Faerie Camp Destiny (a queer, magical, intentional community in Vermont). Acorn approaches cooking with a playful spirit, a sense of the sacred, and a hunger to grow their own practices.


    Along with a love of food, Acorn brings a deep history with social justice work and community building, especially with queer & trans people (including work with the LGBT Youth Line & Project Acorn, both based in Canada). It is one of their deepest passions to see communities thriving, and joining together around a family table. Their devotional relationship with food is also fed by their Earth-centred spirituality (here much thanks is owed to the Vermont Witch Camp community, and to inspirational cook Mary Stewart). Acorn works humbly on the shoulders of witches, queers, radical faeries, farmers, permaculturists, activists, & food-lovers everywhere who have made fertile ground for the seeds of K is for Kitchen.

  • repair the world: philadelphia

    ~ SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, Food for workshops & events ~

    "We wanted to work with a caterer who is intentional about the whole process of feeding people from sourcing to waste. You went above and beyond helping us link the path of the food on our plates to the issues we were discussing at the event. It was also amazing that you helped with composting and packaging up leftovers for donation since that is something we care deeply about. I loved your enthusiasm, creativity, and flexibility! The three biggest benefits of your services were the holistic approach to nourishment, working together with shared values, and your willingness to engage with the event in multiple ways."

    Yarrow angelweed

    ~ food for workshops & events ~

    "It definitely helped maintain the energy to have food at the workshop rather than people dispersing to eat. ... You served delicious food with gracious, enthusiastic energy. Your set-up and clean-up were seamless. ... Plus each of you personally are wonderful to work with. ... WOW!"

    Michaela Holmes, Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance

    ~ food for workshops & events ~

    "It was very easy. Truly. Enough questions to build trust in the process, but professional enough to take it from there. Thank you. ... The food was delicious and it was the perfect portions. Most caterers bring way too much, but your estimating was right on. People enjoyed the food immensely. Lastly, thank you for doing this on such short notice. I am deeply appreciative."

    Matlhatso reed

    ~ workshop & meal provision ~

    "You did all what you have to do in the best way possible. Bearing in mind that you got out of your comfort zone to prepare Botswana cultural foods. You did amazing job."

    Bri & ethan

    ~ food for a wedding ~

    As a lover and fighter for the intersections of food and justice, I knew our wedding meal was going to be held to high standards. We cannot express how grateful we were to not have to stress one bit about the food. We could focus on our ceremony with the full presence it required. We knew that the meal was going to be in line with our values, and reflect the diverse dietary needs of our guests. And finally, when the moment came, we were able to look around us and see everyone we loved coming together around one of the most delicious meals of our lives.

    Simcha Zevit

    ~ festive meal at home ~

    "Food was delicious and it truly felt like it was prepared as a prayer ... we felt nourished by the food both physically and spiritually."

    Erica g.

    "Frances Rose is a pleasure to be around in the kitchen, and just one taste of her creations will have you asking for more. ... She has a deep passion for food and flavor, and even more so for the energy that she gets to put into it. ... She is always ready to share insight into the ingredients we are preparing, tips on how to prepare them, and maybe even a story or two about her personal connections with them. I have watched her keep a dozen people on task, which can feel overwhelming in a kitchen, yet she does so with a pleasant gentleness, out of a joy of co-creating with others.


    She has the tools, the knowledge, and the enthusiasm to share her gifts with the world. I would recommend her culinary skills to anyone."

    Kristen W.

    "Frances Rose has a marvelous touch in the kitchen and creates delicious, flavorful dishes. Her Mediterranean food is out of this world. She clearly loves nourishing people and brings her joy to everything she prepares. Not only does she create wonderful food, she emanates a loving atmosphere, and is a kind and patient teacher. Frances Rose is one of a kind."

    Josefine p.

    "A black bean soup spiced with olives and fennel seed - this was my first impression of Frances Rose's touch and skill in the kitchen.... I asked Frances Rose how this soup is so digestible. I still remember her explanation - the soak time of the black beans, the particular spicing, the cook time of the soup, and the convivial environment and love our group were sharing together around the meal. Soon after, we talked about seasonal rhythms, our disposition to different times of the year, the cycles of a garden, and how food preparation fits into these concepts. Many cookbooks can teach you how to slice a lemon properly for juicing, how to soak nuts overnight, or how to prepare beef liver. Frances Rose can teach you these things. What else she can facilitate is entirely unique."

    Rod (love) s.

    "I have been present on multiple occasions when Frances Rose coordinated a large community meal. At each one, she presented a theme which all the food in the meal centered around, such as Asian or Mediterranean dishes, etc. In each case, it was a fun and educational experience as she coordinated a group of participants/volunteers in preparing each part of the meal. In some things she gave specific instructions, while in other tasks, she encouraged some creativity and playfulness. I love taking part when Rose hosts these events! She's a culinary genius who is also a JOY to work with!"


    ~ Holistic nutrition consultation ~

    How do you feel about your life with food after the consult? "More invigorated, celebrated and free-wheelin, we're all in this together-type thing!"


    ~ Personal Chef: meals for your week ~

    "I was having surgery and wanted nourishing food that would be easy for friends/family to reheat that would be low-sodium, easily digestible, AND delicious. ... Everything was perfect. ... The food was obviously prepared with intention. It was healthy and delicious and everyone loved it."


    ~ Food for workshops & events ~

    "You came prepared with many options and a full delicious meal that kept us all satisfied and content. ... I'm glad that you brought a tablecloth, your own utensils, serving equipment, compost availability, and even containers for people to take extras home."

    Paul eaves

    ~ Food for workshops & events ~

    "We needed food for 10 folks for a 4 day meeting. Without K is for kitchen, we would have been greatly inconvenienced by having to take time from our meetings to cook or go out. ... [The three biggest benefits were] your organization and efficiency, the quality of your foods, and your personas."

    Kelsey porter, the food trust

    ~Food for workshops & events~

    "The food was excellent and exceeded our expectations. We especially appreciated the focus on local products, which was important to us. And the cookies! Oh my god, the cookies!"

    Sam & Greg

    ~food for a Wedding~

    "A number of guests at the wedding made sure to come to us to complement your food. One told me that he didn't expect a vegan treat to be so flavorful & expressed an interest in learning more about exploring vegan cuisine. You made everything go so smoothly! We felt like you were in complete control & it was a relief having less on our minds as we coordinated the rest of the event. Everyone was fed and happy, the food was memorably delicious, and your presence was warm, kind, and encouraging as always."

    Joan Brooks

    ~Food for workshops & events~

    "We were looking to feed a large group with delicious food, well prepared, and much loved by the preparers. We were also looking for the food-providers to be able to address various food restrictions and allergies. You nailed it!"



    "I feel I can trust my body to tell me what it needs. I feel better prepared to build more dialogue with my body around food. It was good to realize I have the tools I need to make good decisions about my diet.


    I really appreciate y'all doing this with me & the work you are doing in this world it's so necessary and I see food as being so key in how we can support our selves and our communities and become more whole!"


    "You are creating paths for people to find themselves through food and community"


    ~ Food for events & workshops ~

    "I decided I would have enough other things to do, and should allow others who I trust to handle the food. ... [I loved most] the peace of mind and the joy of utilizing your services."

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